A new short intense workout that literally destroys fat tissue

More and more trainers promote shorter, more intense workouts, claiming that they have the same, if not even better results, on the body in comparison with daily hour-long workout sessions in the gym. Tomislav Dolušić, graduated kinesiologist and author of the Born2Flow program, is of the same opinion.

“It really is no longer necessary to train 6 times a week for 2 hours, losing time on the trips back and forth between your home and the gym if you do not have time. This is possible because in our Born2Flow program we apply the latest achievements in functional workout.
The so-called high intensity interval workout truly is a superior way to work out. There is no usual cardio workout, like e.g. endless runs on the treadmill. The workouts are short, varied, fun, and they can be very intense”, says grad. kinesiologist Tomislav Dolušić.

The trainer explains what Born2Flow is: “It’s a unique ‘bodyweight’ workout for which you only need your own body. The workout is based on very natural, fluid exercises aimed to ‘unlock’ your body, emphasizing mobility and free, uninhibited and natural movements.”

The workout is intended for everyone, from complete beginners to mid-level gym-goers, well-trained recreational sportspeople and professional athletes, as well as for special units of the army and police. It is also ideal for all ages, from children to senior citizens, there is no lower and upper limit, but each individual will perform exercises in line with their level of fitness.

Concept, exercise frequency, and expected results

“In this program, the person will learn how to combine natural movements and exercises – two, three or more – into a unique flow, thus achieving exceptional synergy of movement and breathing, while the benefits for the body and mind are remarkable. Progress is achieved by progressions, as well as duration of exercise and movement”, Dolušić says and adds: “With this program, you develop mobility, strength, musculofascial activation, coordination, balance, and you will for sure get into the shape of your dreams. You will unlock yourself and feel incredible lightness in your body.”

Every individual can choose the intensity of their workout within our Born2Flow workout through so-called progressions (more intense exercising) and regressions (less intense exercises). One average Born2Flow workout lasts “only” 20 to 35 minutes, in which exercises are combined into a FLOW, so there is no stopping or resting during the workout.
“Of course, at any time, if necessary, you can stop and take a break, and the so-called resets during the B2F workout are meant exactly for that – to prepare you, in a phase of active rest, for the “real” exercise that follows.

Since for our B2F programs you only need your own body (these are so-called bodyweight exercises), they can be done anytime and anywhere – in an apartment, park or at beach, and you can also do them with our B2F certified trainers in the Hard Body Premium Dream Gym in Sopot in Zagreb” the trainer invites.

What happens in the body during intense workout?

Functional interval workout includes alternating high and low intensity workouts. There are aerobic and anaerobic intervals, which are meaningfully combined and complement each other during the Flow workout. This is because when working out at maximum intensity we reach our limits, then we briefly recover at low intensity, and these are alternated. This way, we stimulate the metabolic processes through which we achieve the beloved-by-all maximum fat burning effect, but at the same time we gain mobility, strength and endurance”, says Dolušić, and explains that this type of training is not similar to traditional aerobic training in which the person remains in the recommended heart rhythm/ pulse zone, the idea here is to temporarily extend the normal training zone and to reach the maximum heart rate, in accordance with limits that are defined for each age group.

In a 35-minute-workout at the highest B2F level you can burn the same number of calories as you would in a longer race

“Metabolic circular workout is designed to combine several intervals of exercise and rest, manipulating the intensity by selecting specific exercise into periodic exercise. During the rest and recovery interval there is the so-called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). The post-high-intensity-workout recovery phenomenon used to be known under the term “oxygen debt” but today is more known under the acronym EPOC. There, the aerobic system is needed to regenerate ATP in order to recover the anaerobic system. What many scientists today promote is the idea that the type and intensity of selective exercise can have a major impact on the metabolic demand and EPOC, affecting how an individual adjusts to the training”, Dolušić explains and continues:
“During EPOC we burn more calories than during recovery, while in high intensity exercises followed by active recovery, the calorie consumption of the ADVANCED BORN2FLOW program can reach approximately the same levels as the amounts burned during a long race. This concept is essential to understand, because this is the main explanation why you will not just ‘unlock your body’ and strengthen your muscles, but you will burn fat during the Born2Flow workouts. So, although our Flow exercises are short, their high demands on the body energy supplies, makes the body use additional energy to make up for it. This increases fat loss.”

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