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Born2Flow is unique full bodyweight programme based on a very natural, fluid exercises in which the goal is to “unlock” Your body. Programme is based on mobility and free, unbreakable movements, in a natural, interesting and unconstrained way.

To Whom The Programme Is Intended?

It is intended to all, from absolute beginners, practicioners on intermediate level, all the way to recreationists on the top level, as well as professional athletes and special military and police forces. It is ideal for every age, from children to golden age, but of course there is lower and upper range – and everybody is doing exercises on their own level. For sure it is interesting and efficient for everybody!


How Can I Progress With This Programme?

Through this programme You will learn how to connect natural movements and exercises, two, three or more of them, into a unique flow. In this way extreme sinergy of movement and breathing is achieved and benefits for the body and mind are exeptional. The progress is reached through progressions, as well as length of performance of exercises and movements.

What This Training Programme Enables Me?

Mobility and strength development, myofascial activation, coordination, balance and achieving the shape and looks of your dreams! You will unlock yourself and feel incredible easiness in your body!

Can I Exercise If I Have Some Injuries?

You must consult your doctor before doing any exercises.
You are exercising at your own risk. Everybody is unique and because of that we can not give rules that fit all. Exercises from our B2F programme are used by many physiotherapists in rehabilitation. If You think you have some kind of injuri or pain, definitely consult a specialist before beginning of training.

What Kind Of Born2Flow Programmes Exist?

There are Born2Flow programmes for beginners, intermediate level practicioners, advanced practicioners and professional athletes, lasting from 4-12 weeks.
All Born2Flow programmes are completly free for you to enjoy it!
We can especially point out our Born2Flow Personal Trainer ON LINE programme, ideal for individual approach and reaching max goals.

How Can I Begin?

The best way to check Your current level of training and shape is to try to do altogether our 17-min Born2Flow –Let it Flow!  Born2Flow –Let it Flow!

WAfter the Flow, accordingly to Your personal feeling, choose:
a) If this was very hard for You and You needed break and could not do some of the exercises – then start with our programme  BORN2FLOW FRESH START FLOW
b) If this was relatively easy/hard this means You are on higher beginners or intermediate level – so You can immediately begin with our  BORN2FLOW SPRING FLOW 12-week programme
c) If our Let it Flow! was easy for you, then You can immediately begin with our  BORN2FLOW ADVANCED FLOW programme

How Long Born2Flow Training Lasts And How Often One Must Do It?

Every B2F Flow training lasts cca 10-35 minutes a day. You can flow with us 3-6 Flows per week. Just follow your feeling.
You also flow with shorter ones, Born2Flow Small Flows which will last 5-10 minutes Born2Flow Small Flows

With our Flow programmes in a easy, safe and nonaggressive way, through our so called progressions, we will reach high level of B2F exercises, as well as excellent shape and looks.



Fresh Start Flow


Spring Flow


Advanced Flow


Small Flows

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