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We create according to your wishes and needs, an individual program of personal training and nutrition, which will lead you to the goal in a professional, expert, systematic and interesting way!

Our personal training program – PERSONAL TRAINER PT, is a combination of our original, functional training programs Born2Flow, Hard body, Hard body Boxing.
They are ideally complemented and complemented by various breathing techniques, which are part of our Breathe2Flow program.
Your first training begins with an initial conversation, and a joint definition of the goal (long-term and phased).

At the beginning and end of each training cycle (3, 6 and 12 months), we perform initial, transitive and final measurements, as well as anthropometric measurements.
Your success and personal satisfaction, in addition to achieving your personal goal, is also our goal, which fulfills and makes us happy!
We achieve this together, with completely natural, non-aggressive and interesting exercises, which are very effective and will lead you to maximum health, mobility, strength, definition and functionality.
Personal training is based on exercises with your own body and proper breathing, and according to your wishes and needs, there are our functional kettlebell trainers, weights, dumbbells, suspension trainer, rowing ergometer, etc., as well as various techniques and exercises in recreational boxing and martial arts




In our main gym, our base for training and education, we conduct personal and group training.

Personal trainer 1 training 1: 1/ 40 €
Personal trainer 1 training 2: 1 (2 persons with trainer) / 50 €
Personal trainer package – 10 training sessions 1: 1 (payable once in advance) / 350 €
Personal trainer package – 10 training sessions 2: 1 (payable once in advance) / 450 €
Personal trainer Tomislav Dolusic package – 10 training sessions 1: 1 (payable once in advance) / 400 €

Fitness training of athletes or outdoor – 1 training 1: 1/ 50 €
Team building, personal training for more people / for companies, clubs – contact us for more info.

Details about our gym –
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Personal trainer 1 training 1: 1/300 kn
Personal trainer 1 training 2: 1 (2 persons with trainer) / 350 kn
Personal trainer package – 10 training sessions 1: 1 (payable once in advance) / 2500 kn
Personal trainer package – 10 training sessions 2: 1 (payable once in advance) / 3000 kn
Fitness training of athletes 1 training 1: 1/300 kn

Introductory breathing workshop BREATHE2FLOW – introduction to Oxygen Advantage and Wim Hof Method breathing techniques – duration 2.5 hours 1 person: 750 kn / 2 persons: 1,000 kn
For live or online breathing workshops, for groups, companies, clubs we are available, please contact us for more info.

Personal trainings can also be conducted outdoors, in nature, in Zagreb at the locations Bundek, Maksimir and under Medvednica.
All personal trainings and workshops can also be conducted in English.

Facebook address: HARD BODY – SVWETI DUH – Zagreb



For all questions feel free to send an email or give us a call.


Tomislav Dolušić, sport scientist and teacher
Creator & founder HARDBODY & BORN2FLOW workout system.

Additional info & registration:

Account SD Klub snova-Dream gym | OIB: 8693117402 |IBAN: HR3523600001101491097

Tomislav Dolušić – 0915271374

Account SD Klub snova-Dream gym:
OIB: 8693117402
IBAN: HR3523600001101491097

How to apply:
Confirmation of payment for the selected program, please send to


” This is a testimonial of one’s major change of perspective in the area in which one always felt inferior (read: a loser). That person is me. For the past 20 years at least, I felt that life had played a funny game with me; that is, if I examine all of my successes, one could say I did pretty well. I live in Manhattan where success is a religion and if you measure it by an apartment in the right zipcode, Hamptons cottage, kid in private school, corner office with a fabulous view, bla bla.. yeah, ok. But, there was always one thing, that I never ever managed to conquer, in spite of how hard and how much I’ve tried – to enjoy working out. To get myself to the point where it would be a life style, versus the utmost miserable hour which I would voluntarily trade for a tough meeting, even a beating at times..
I felt like a big time loser on that subject. How comes I’ve conquered everything else with my self discipline and determination, and yet, after 25 years of trying to get to that point to at least not to hate working out, I am at the same place in my head where I was at the age of 29 when I just moved to big apple and hired my personal trainer (as this was one of my goals you know). For more then two decades, I am a member of Equinox Club and I hire personal trainers on and off.
So I came to Zagreb, my home town for vacation this past August. Knowing how much food I’ll consume for the next two weeks, my self discipline on auto-pilot (while my brain utterly resenting it) surfed the internet and found a personal trainer – Tomislav Dolusic. He replied literally a few minutes after, and the next morning, I was in DreamGym ready for the usual.. Oh Boy! What a surprise?! Tomislav learned about my last training regime of 3-4 days of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which I practiced with a personal trainer on my rooftop. He didn’t ask for my age, I guess he didn’t have to. He explained something kind of weird about imitating animals while my brain just going “torture comes in so many forms”.. And we begun.
Unique combinations of high interval exercises and imitations of a tiger, dead bug, condor, monkey, a little bit of boxing, and the hour was over. The next morning, nothing hurt, and I couldn’t wait to get to the Dream Gym again and keep on repeating it for ten days.
I felt that all my muscles had been put to work, but gently. Tomislav knew the right balance of high intensity with agility routines and my body and my brain felt they are in agreement. FINALLY!
We trained for two weeks every morning, and I was ‘high’, loving every minute of it. Tomislav crafted exercise program each day with a higher intensity levels as we went along, and I felt I was progressing in my entire body, especially weak areas (thighs, glutes, abs.). Some excercises seemed simple but turned out shockingly challenging, and I felt literally every muscle in my body working, stretching, getting stronger. The results just after ten days were phenomenal, I was getting visibly toned , and most importantly – I felt my physical strength from the ‘inside’. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Tomislav’s HARD BODY& BORN2FLOW method to everyone.
This is the best training I’ve ever experienced, and by far, Tomislav is the most knowledgeable and professional personal trainer I’ve ever trained with! “

Sabrina Dvorski Mercurio
New York City

Our Coaching team:

Tomislav Dolušić

Founder, Master coach

Marko Vrbljanin

Master coach

Vlatka Petrović

Hard body coach

Damir Mišković

Master coach

Our Expert team:

Branimir Dolibašić


Ivana Zrno

Hard body fizio

“Tomislav Dolušić”

Founder & Master Coach
Professor of Kinesiology, professional athlete and trainer, with 30 years of experience in the field of fitness and health
Creator and founder of Hard body training system and franchise
Creator and founder of the Born2Flow training system
Founder and owner of Hard body Premium Dream gym Sopot, Zagreb
Founder and director of Fitness School/Učilište Ostvari san