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This 12 week program is ideal for unlocking and resetting your body and mind.

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B2F Flow take just 20-35 minutes per day. Early morning, during the day or in the evening… Flow with us anytime you like!

No equipment required

Born2Flow is a full bodyweight system that requires no training equipment. Your body is your only workout tool. Work out anywhere, anytime.

Train anywhere

Innovative Born2Flow system requires only 2 square meters of space to train. So you can train literally anywhere – in your home, office, on the beach…

Only 12 weeks

Get in the shape of your life, feel the lightness of your body, in only 12 weeks.

Easy to follow

Pick your own training program that best suits you! Follow it day by day, week by week. Easy and practical.


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Train wherever and whenever you like

Born2Flow trainings take just 20-35 minutes per day so it can be fitted into any schedule. It requires only 2 square meters of space and no equipment to train. Video trainings are streamable from any device. You just have to get started!

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Transforming lives, one Flow at the time…

“ After my first class, I was hooked. born2flow is not just a fad. This is the only form of exercise that I’ve wanted to stick with since I ended my days as a competitive athlete. I feel unstoppable. ”
“ Born2flow makes my muscles burn in the best kind of way! I feel it in places that traditional weight training couldn’t reach. And I never dread my barre3 workouts. I crave them and look forward to them. ”
“Born2flow will make you delve into yourself and unifies your body, mind and soul....a flowing movement that is easy to adapt on every level you're up to and will foster your force, mobility and your ability to release tension. Absolut phantastic Workout! ”
"BornFlow - a holistic way to feel and train your body. From inside out and the opposite connecting all components of breathing, flexibility, mobility, strength and condition Into one unity. It serves both as a complementary training for athletes but can also be adjusted to beginners."
Tomislav is one of those rare coaches in fitness industry that I truly respect. He has dedicated his whole life, and still is, to learning and evolving in the field of fitness. He has completed many high level certifications, and collected a lot of knowledge from them. That's why it's no wonder that „Born2flow“ is such a gem, a program that he put his heart and soul in. It should be a must, a sort of daily hygiene routine for the body, for everyone that wants to lead a pain free and happy life!

About the author

• Tomislav Dolusic is a professor of Kinesiology, professional athlete and fitness trainer with 25 years of experience in fitness industry,
• Born2Flow Creator & Founder,
• Creator & Founder of Hard Body franchise training system, experienced in hosting workshops and seminars all across Europe.
• Owner of Hard body Premium gym in Zagreb


PCC Progressive Calisthenics Certification Instructor | SFG StrongFirst level 1 Instructor | OS Original Strength level 1 Instructor | GMB Gold Medal Bodies cert Trainer | Edo Hemar Faszia Training Master Trainer | TFW Training for Warriors level 1 & 2 cert Trainer | Steve Maxwell level 1 kettlebell & mobility condtioning cert Trainer | Steve Cotter kettlebell IFKK basic & advanced kettlebell Trainer | Freemotion Master Trainer | Workshops: Eric Creesey, Andy McKenzie, FMS, Primal move, TAC FIT