As a physiotherapeutic preventive skill | Author: Ivana Zrrno, bacc. physioth

As a physiotherapist with experience in early postoperative rehabilitation, I have a great desire to convey the importance of preventive physiotherapy in society, through the promotion of health and movement.

Although many see physiotherapy as a rehabilitation process when an injury has already occurred, there are many physiotherapy skills that keep us from getting injured and allow us to achieve a better result.

In this article, I will present the Born2flow program of professor of kinesiology Tomislava Dolušića.

As its name suggests – we were created to move. Although all runners know this very well and put it into practice, sometimes in recreational runners, running training itself takes on so much importance and control over the “movement” itself. The notion of movement, on the other hand, is something else entirely; it is innate to all, necessary to the body, but light and natural.

Although the training cycle itself is a topic for kinesiologists, I must mention that the diversity and complexity of runners’ training is what is important to prevent injury. Injuries to runners can affect the ankle, knee, hip joint, back, most commonly the lumbar spine. However, injuries in athletes can occur in any part of the locomotor system: muscles, tendons, ligaments, and eventually bones.

This is where the story of smart stretching / stretching and hull stability training begins. There is always a running out of time for that, and the priority is always to run, until the first pain appears. Unfortunately, only then do these unavoidable parts of training get their place on the priority list.

Every man in the body has small asymmetries and this is quite normal. If you stopped calmly and recorded with a subgram how much and how you rely on which part of the foot you would get the insight that the weight of the body is not equally distributed on both feet. This is completely normal, ie normal physiological deviations are up to 10%, which basically means that, for example, 60% of your body weight relies on your right leg and 40% on your left leg.

As long as you just walk moderately and don’t do some intense workouts or running anything else, you probably don’t even feel that asymmetry. However, imagine what happens with repetitive movements such as running, cycling, and even longer and more intense walking. You start to feel every little bit of that irregularity. It intensifies with each step, because you become more and more tired and the body compensates more and more, of course the stronger side “pulls” and there is already muscle pain.

That is why it is important to know that there is a very simple and quick way to correct ourselves. Born 2 flow is a program that teaches you how to move smarter, more economically and easier, both in everyday life and during your training. It also teaches you to breathe and relax which we all sometimes forget, and is of great importance for neuromuscular balance. It is a program after which your body becomes more beautiful every day and you just want to do it again tomorrow. It is contagious and that is what we want to achieve. Aware of the need to move, every day.

B2F is a neurologically designed program where the emphasis is on contralateral patterns, the opposite arm-opposite leg, whether you are standing, lying down or in a four-legged position. There are a lot of exercises that copy developmental kinesiology from zero to the first year of life when our only goal is to get firmly on our feet and walk. If you haven’t yet, just observe young children and their stride, squat grabbing objects and turning. It consists of exercises such as crawling, balance, rocking, rollerblading, spiral movements, everything we need to reconnect every part of our body, make new connections between the left and right hemispheres, improve neuro-muscular communication.

This way of exercising connects the vestibular, visual and proprioceptive system into one, improves posture and stability of the torso, coordination and much more that you will feel if you dare to try.

Born2 flow through individual corrections and possible adjustments teaches you how small things make a big difference, and the main goal of the Born2flow program and me as a physiotherapist is to become independent in this program, but also to know everything your body needs to be functional, mobile and healthy.

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